For many years I have been fascinated by architecture and buildings and this has led me to visit wonderful places such as Venice, Paris, Barcelona and the South of France. I have painted everything from the weathered walls or doorways to the wider views of several buildings through to cityscapes. I have often been drawn to paint buildings and bridges beside water as in the Grand Canal, The Seine or harbour scenes. For a long while I became preoccupied by the architecture of London and more particularly views of the Thames at Night. The theme of buildings reflected in water so recurrent in Venice seemed echoed here on a larger scale.
Recently my passion for colour has resurfaced, along with a more intuitive, looser working method. Using mixed media I build up images using collage and a variety of materials including acrylics, oil pastel and pencil. The end result is a fusion between the observed view and an interplay of colour, shape and pattern. In other paintings I have increased the impact of colour to imbue the scene with warmth and energy, using paint alone. I continue to be drawn to London and the Thames, though these are as often daytime scenes, as well as my unerring delight in all things Mediterranean.

About Me